Communication Associates


"Best Ads"

Dave Rampulla of Dongan Hills, who heads up CA Advertising Inc., was delighted to be honored with a Cable Award for Programming Excellence (CAPE). Healthwise News Network Inc. together with CA, were presented with a "Best Series" Award for their Baby's Birth, Sonogram and Radiosurgery episodes of the television show "Healthwise." Rampulla served as producer.

When the Cable Television Network of New Jersey (CTN) celebrated the eight annual CAPE Awards at the Somerset Hilton, the Staten Islanders were also awarded a "Best 60 Second Commercial" CAPE Award for a Seniors Plus Commercial produced for CASC and University Hospital. The CAPE Awards recognize the highest achievements in programming on the Cable Television Network of New Jersey.

Since 1987, Rampulla has operated his own NYC-based ad agency dealing in newspaper, television, magazine and outdoor advertising. Both award-winning pieces were produced at Tulchin Studios in Manhattan and air on CTN New Jersey, Manhattan Cable and Staten Island Cable.

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